the melodious garden’s garden mascot

It has been brought to my attention that I have been negligent in introducing the melodious garden’s new garden mascot.

THE Garden Mascot.

The Great Ravioli Thief.

The Ferocious Rabbit Chaser. (Thankfully, so far Unsuccessful Ferocious Rabbit Chaser! Though she seems to have driven our resident wild rabbits on to another garden, which is successful enough for me!)

Catcher of Crane Flies.

The Official Hole Digger.

So, without further ado…

leia 2

Leia… Princess Leia. (Er… ignore that spot of dirt hanging from her mouth. See above mentioned title Official Hole Digger. She was, um, digging right before I snapped her picture…)

Leia was adopted from Humane Tomorrow just a few days before Christmas. We were told she is a PBGV/dachshund mix. (PBGV is short for… Petite Brussels Griffon Verdeen. Yeah. We weren’t familiar with that, either.)

I call her my little platypus… Her tricolor coat looks beagle-ish. Her coat texture looks wire hair fox terrier-ish. She stands like a Welsh corgi. Her ears? No clue, aside from adorable!

leia 3

One ear goes up.

One ear goes down.

Both ears are fringed.

Now comes the part where I admit…

I had no idea it would be so hard to garden with a garden mascot! (See above mentioned comment about hole digging…) I just thought it was difficult to garden when my son was a toddler… (He was also a hole digger…)

But Leia is too adorable for words. Which makes the hole digging a bit more tolerable.

Oh. And she loves books almost as much as I do.

arnosky book2


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