herbal fare

Go Texan!

One of my favorite things to do at the Texas State Fair is cruise through the Go Texan Pavilion and check out all of the Texas-made products.

This year, I tried out a new (to me) jam – Jammit! Jam. I was drawn in by the herbal combinations… peach and thyme… papaya rosemary… lemon dill…

I ended up buying the Peach Thyme Prosecco and the Cherry Clove Cabernet.  The guys enjoyed the peach thyme jam tonight on a fresh baguette. I am saving the cherry jam for closer to the holidays. It tastes like Christmas in a jar! I can’t wait to try it as a cheesecake topping.


While standing in line to pay for the jams, I spotted a soap combination I had not seen previously – lavender sage. It smells heavenly. I haven’t bathed with it yet, but am looking forward to it.


soap 2

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