23 Garden Loves For Valentine’s Day ’23

Happy Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as Rose Pruning Day here in Zone 8a/North Texas.

Without further ado, I present… 23 garden loves around the melodious garden. (In no particular order.)

What is better than cut flowers shipped half way around the world to be sold in a grocery store? A drawer full of flower seeds, waiting patiently for spring to be sown.

Shelves full of garden books, full of inspiration and wisdom.

Finding green lacewing eggs, proof that fairies visit the garden.

Rocks and the paths they take you down.

Old watering cans.

And 1970s flower power. Better still when they merge in to one super fun vintage treasure.

Mailboxes, waiting to be planted up again, and good signs found around the garden.

Quirky treasures about the garden, like an old mailbox cover getting a new life as a garden gate handle.

Old vegetable seed packets as kitchen decor.

Good garden tools, like this trusty pitchfork, well used for 25 years.

Spring bulbs that emerge with such eagerness they pierce an oak leaf.

A good garden companion.

Hearts hidden around the garden.

Vegetables that not only feed the body, but feed the soul with their beauty.

Old metal objects scattered about.

Rabbits. And friendships treasured. (Rabbit gifted to me by a dear friend.)

Herbs that surely must smell like heaven. (Lemon verbena.)

Whimsical face pots that always bring a smile to the gardener’s face.

Plants that bloom in February. (Quince.)

Sunsets that interrupt evening garden chores.

Planting a seed and watching it grow.

Plant The Seeds

Let’s plant the seeds they said
So we took the seed and spread.
For there is hope in each little grain,
To bring a harvest we can gain.

The same is true for life today,
What we nurture and cultivate along the way.
Expectations of results arise each day,
It matters what we do and say.

By Catherine Pulsifer

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