A Good Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

While some may want nothing more than to curl up with an Agatha Christie novel, I prefer my mysteries a bit more real. As in: What is this object I just bought?!

Such was the case last week when I happened to buy… A German Pretzel Holder?

pretzel holder1

Who even knew there was such a thing as a pretzel holder? Certainly not I. But thanks to a lovely group of ladies on a Facebook junkin’ site, I was able to find out exactly what it was that I had purchased. Eighty posts and many fascinating ideas later, the mystery was solved.

I adore estate sales, second hand stores, antique markets, flea markets, anywhere that I might find oddities and curiosities.

I spied this item at an estate sale in Grapevine, Texas, last week and knew I had to have it.

Whatever “it” was.

The home was filled with items brought back from Germany and Africa – and a whole wall of German books in German! (In addition to the pretzel holder, I bought a wooden clothes hanger that is stamped with “clean clothes properly” in German.)

The mystery item, which I think would make an adorable flower vase, turns out to be… An Ilkra Edel Keramik pretzel holder, designed by Ernst Werner in 1958. Such a fun mystery!

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