Early Spring

Harshness vanished. A sudden softness
has replaced the meadows’ wintry grey.
Little rivulets of water changed
their singing accents. Tendernesses,

hesitantly, reach toward the earth
from space, and country lanes are showing
these unexpected subtle risings
that find expression in the empty trees.

By Rainer Maria Rilke


Winter was brutal in North Texas this year, with some of the coldest and driest weather we have experienced in years. But signs of spring are now popping up – subtle risings of warmer weather. The winter’s harshness has vanished. For now at least. The wintery grey is turning a lush green. Oh, we will have more winter to come. Our average last freeze date is March 12 and Mother Nature can be rough on us gardeners. An early spring often means one last late cold snap, a freeze so late it reminds gardeners of how mathematical averages are calculated. It is not unheard of for North Texas to have snow on Easter, after all. But – for today – I am enjoying the bright blue sky and the soft greens of an early spring.

Spring bulbs emerging


Fennel putting on new growth


Salad burnet, a wonderful evergreen herb

salad burnet

Hellebores, or Lenten Rose, will be blooming soon


Rosemary, blooming

rosemary blooming

An evergreen fern, nestled away in a shady spot



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